Food that Works: My Farm to Table Tour (read time 5 minutes)

Greetings! Spring has fully sprung! Well, maybe not at my brother’s house in Pennsylvania, where they keep seeing snow storm after snow storm! Soon, brother, a thaw will come… This will be my final blog post for my Nexus class. I’d like to thank the Patel College, my instructor, Dr. Culhane, and my classmates for the opportunity to engage in experiential learning. I thought that a special restaurant tour would be a good way to round out the class. What is the Farm to Table concept, exactly? How did it originate, and what did it set out to be? As you know, when a buzzword or phrase becomes popular, companies will snatch it up, put a spin on it, and use it in their media campaigns. I’ve seen this phrase used in IBM commercials, and Blue Apron ads. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, I’m just not sure that an initiative is truly “Farm to Table” when the amount of food travel miles are high. According to Food, Energy, and Water: The Chemistry Connection, “Food security would exist wh…
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